Pele Signs

Social Outcast proud clothing sponsor of Pele Castillo


If Pele was a footballer, he would probably be the best!

You hear about skaters and when we first got to see Pele Castillo in action at Clash of the Kings, we knew why there was a lot of noise about him. An event held by Clash of the Kings was where we first got to see him skate. Pele’s round against Curtis Munton was the bee’s and I knew this guy had a raw talent.

Pele is a skater like no other, his whole mindset is truly amazing. When he’s skating, he isn’t phased about his surroundings. With his earphones in, the boy is zoned out from any interference, distractions and just simply puts high volumes of pure lit talent.

He went onto win Clash of the Kings against Team GB rider Alex Decunha and again showed pure, mad skills. Not only is Pele a true raw talent and a name that for Social Outcast, will truly go onto become one of the best skaters UK has ever had but he is also a truly humble soul. Pele isn’t a show boater and I feel he prefer’s to follow his own path rather than the crowds and that made Social Outcast jump at the opportunity to have him ride for our brand. There was no consideration in the decision, other than when you see talent like his, you let him know you appreciate it!

Pele will be competing at Nass and we truly believe, with his talent and mad skill, skies the limit and were proud of having him on the Social Outcast team. Go check out our Merch and see what your favourite skater has in his rotation. Follow Pele on his and use his unique code to get 10% off your next purchase and keep up to date with the man like Pele.

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