Adam & Gabe

Meet Adam & Gabe

Intro to our very first Riders! 

So being the new kid on the block, Social Outcast has two upcoming amazing talents, riding for our label.
1st up is Adam Voss aka Adski Voss aka The Voss Man.
Now this guy’s attitude is pure, if I’ve seen it, I’m gonna try it.
His raw talent and his never give up attitude for me was a no brainer when I approached Voss.
The Voss Man is just living and breathing skating at the moment and always pushing his abilities. When you see something in someone like that, you know they have the same mentality as you and makes the perfect recipe for the Outcast’s.
2nd up is Gabriel Martins Mendes aka Gabe aka The Boy Wonder.
Now don’t let his age confuse you, he only just turned 8 last week but i’m telling you, skies the limit for this young boy.
Born in Cascais Portugal, he brings the sunshine to the park when he skates. Gabe is always in his pads and helmet.
(to protect his amazing hair!)
He might fall down and not pull a trick off but he doesn’t give up until he’s pulled it off. This boy has the potential to go as far as he want’s in the game and that’s why when Adam said to me
”this boy is amazing, check him out ”
I knew instantly he was an Outcast in the making. Check out their Q & A’s to see how, what and the reason’s they skate.
Adam & Gabe Social Outcast Riders


Adam’s Interview:

How and why did you start skating ?
I started skating after playing Tony Hawks pro skater 3 with my Uncle Ronnie… For my 17th birthday I asked for a skateboard and haven’t stopped ever since.
Your favourite Skater ?
I never had a favourite skater but I always liked Death, Zero and Thrasher style skaters. Pure blood, sweat and tears and always a 100 mph attitude.
Favourite Trick and Hardest Tricks ?
My favourite tricks are blunt variations… For me, rail tricks are the hardest to learn.
Your skate motivation ?
Learning new tricks and seshing with people motivates me. If it’s a person throwing down bangers or a new skater learning to Ollie, it’s the progression that get’s me hyped.
The UK skate scene now ?
The UK skate scene is great, I mean it’s growing and learning just as the progression of tricks. The amount of places and parks to skate now is incredible.
If you had a superpower, what would it be ?
I wouldn’t want a superpower, I would swap it to feed the homeless and help the underprivileged. I hate seeing kids trying to kill it in their busted up shoes because they can’t afford new ones.

Gabe’s Interview:


How and why did you start skating ?

Because when I was 2 years old I was always asking skaters if I could ride on their skateboards. So they would push me holding my hands. So I asked my mom for a Skateboard for Christmas!

Your favourite Skater ?

My favourite skater is Adam Voss!! I also really like the Aragao brothers from Portugal and Gustavo Ribeiro and Daewon Song.

Favourite Trick and Hardest Tricks ?

My favourite trick is Kickflip and the hardest one is Backsideflip

Your skate motivation ?

Really love Games of Skate because I’m challenged to do tricks that I don’t know how to do. It’s super fun when I learn a new trick I like to do it over and over and over again!

The UK skate scene now ?

I like that there is a lot of kids all over the UK that are pretty awesome, I can see their new tricks on instagram. I would like to have more indoor skateparks for winter. I would like to have indoor miniramps in school. I would like if there was more skate competitions for Under 10s like there is in California.

If you had a superpower, what would it be ?

As a superpower I would like to be able to transform the petrol and diesel cars in the road to electric, and the ones waiting to be sold, turn them into electric and sell them for free.

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