Voss Board Present

Adski Voss gets his first Deck

So we have been busy behind the scenes, hence why we haven’t added anything to our news page but guess what? We are back with a bang!

When we officially Launched https://www.social-outcast.com back in March, we had already approached Adam Voss for riding on our Label. We explained to him that we weren’t a massive label, we not a power house like
https://www.palaceskateboards.com/ not quite on the level as
https://www.supremenewyork.com/ but we have the determination, passion and love for the skate scene, to try and make it as big as them. Adam was so cool about the whole situation and was happy to come on board to a brand that at the time was simply a concept.

Were now 2 months into our mission and we’re growing and getting our name out there. Adam is competing at
https://www.nassfestival.com/skate so we wanted to get him psyched, so what better way to treat loyalty with loyalty and present him with his very own first deck. His favourite design was our Social Outcast Bomber.
https://social-outcast.com/product/social-outcast-bomber-hoodie/ So when you have a skater, that knows what he likes, you add his name to it! We will continue to grow and hope the skate scene will continue to support us and grow. Go follow Adam

https://www.instagram.com/social.outcast.skateboards/ as he has a Discount code for 10% off your next purchase on our site.

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