About Social Outcast

The Process

Social Outcast is a new brand and we think about the environment, which means that we don’t do physical stock but rather on demand. All our merchandise is limited and don’t think were gonna be Anti Social on the shipping. You buy it, you will receive it, unlike some other brands, we deliver and Social Outcast aren’t Anti Social about making sure your merch gets to you as you would expect. 

We will do drops online and once those ranges have depleted, then we have simply sold out. Once you have purchased your item we will send your merchandise within 10 working days. This doesn’t mean it will take that long but anything up-to that time.

As a new business this helps us with producing only what we sell and also has a positive impact on the environment. We haven’t got a massive warehouse to house all the stock and if we did, we would be skating it.

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